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Women in the World 2012: Meryl Streep’s Tribute to Hillary Clinton

This is so awesome.

Woohoo! Today is a good day. So remember this post about me being featured in the Yelp newsletters? Well this week, I was featured in the Queens, NY newsletter AND in the REVIEW OF THE DAY! :) Look!

What makes me happier is the fact that my review that’s featured in the Queens newsletter was on El Anzuelo Fino, and there was a longgg story about how I ended up going to that restaurant. If you missed that story, check it out here because it’s worth reading! I promise!

Anyways, thanks Yelp and Yelpers for making my day! Off to go write some more reviews…

Oh man. This is so amazing.

Last night was awesome because Esperanza Spalding AND Robert Glasper Experiment were both on TV, on two of the nation’s favorite talk shows. This is a BIG deal, because we’re living in 2012. I am so thankful for their effort to make jazz grow big, to train the general public’s ears for greater sounds. Much respect to both Glasper and Esperanza. Hope you enjoy the performances!

PS. Damn, Ledisi can SING.

Kurt Elling

Undun by Kurt Elling on Grooveshark

You know what’s a really good feeling? You remember thinking something was SO good way in the past, and then you try it again after many years and it’s still just as good. It’s like proving to yourself that your taste was still pretty good back then. Unlike that boyfriend/crush that you wish you can erase from your/everyone’s memory.

I remember the first time I saw Kurt Elling at Yoshi’s in 2008 and being completely blown away. Four years later, he still doesn’t fail to amaze me. I’m currently in love with his latest album, The Gate, which was nominated for Grammy’s this year. And listening to it in the car yesterday just brought back the memories of listening to this song everyday in the car in the summer of 2008, so I thought I’d share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen on Youtube! Life is so precious <3

Artist suspends real clouds in the middle of the room
Artist Berndnaut Smilde merges art and science to create small man-made clouds that exist — albeit for just a moment — indoors. (read more)

This is soooo cool. Art and science merged together.. Now, we&#8217;re talking about pushing the limits here.

Artist suspends real clouds in the middle of the room

Artist Berndnaut Smilde merges art and science to create small man-made clouds that exist — albeit for just a moment — indoors. (read more)

This is soooo cool. Art and science merged together.. Now, we’re talking about pushing the limits here.

Maine Avenue Fish Market

So I found this true gem in DC… of course through Yelp. It’s called Maine Avenue Fish Market, and it’s basically a small fish market that sells the freshest seafood, including daily caught Maryland blue crabs. Tony and I went last week and the whole thing was just such a cool experience so I thought I’d share with y’all.

So this is it. It’s like 5 stores and they all sell the same thing, and it’s mainly just personal preferences.

A looooot of crabs. All different sizes, male and female.

I think Captain White only sells cold stuff though. Not much you can buy and eat at the spot.

Mmm oysters being shucked right away. You can sauce it up at the little sauce bar.

We chose Jessie’s because they had everything we wanted.

We got oysters, seasoned crawfish, seasoned shrimps, and seasoned blue crabs. We took them to the stand by the water and stood there and ate. The birds were kind of annoying, but it was SOOO much fun. And of course, SO good. 1/2 dozen oysters + 1/2lb crawfish + 1/2lb shrimps + 1/2 dozen crabs = $30. Yeap. Best deal ever.

If you’re not familiar with Maryland blue crabs, they have this special seasoning that has a very unique taste (a little spicy, peppery and salty). They shake the crabs in the bag with the seasoning for you to eat at the spot!

Very serious about his food.

We finished the food, and we were walking back when we saw Jimmy’s Grill. And we were immediately tempted for some crab cakes. So we got one to share. BEST CRAB CAKE OF MY LIFE. I promise.

And then we decided to take some live blue crabs home to cook with the family. We went to Captain White this time because they had this buy 2 dozens get 1/2 dozen free deal. But the guy just gave us an extra dozen. So we ended up going home with 3 dozens of blue crabs. We also bought 2 bags of Maryland crab seasoning. With the 3 dozens of crabs and 2 bags of seasoning, the total came out to $48. IMPOSSIBLE DEAL!

They had these monsterous lobsters too.

Cooking 3 dozens of crabs. Putting them in one pot was a disaster cause they’re so stubborn! We used the recipe we found here and sprinkled more seasoning on the dried crabs after they were done cooking.

Crab party!! Nothing better than some fresh crabs and cold beer! Tony and I didn’t mind that we had them for lunch earlier that day too… haha. The crabs were so juicy and the female crabs were filled with eggs! YUMMM.

The aftermath.

And then we went for a walk because we needed to digest. Spooky night, no?

Anyways, if you’re ever in the DC/Northern Virginia area, you should definitely check out this place. Of course you can drive up to Chesapeake Bay for the just-caught crabs, but it’s much closer and really fun too. And of course, the price is just unbeatable. I wish I had some crabs here with me right now…

Newport Jazz Festival 2012 Lineup Announced!

The lineup is announced for Newport Jazz Festival this year! I personally think that it is the BEST jazz festival in the nation and seeing the lineup each year always involves a lot of jaw-dropping and gasping moments. I have only attended the festival once in 2009, when I was studying in Boston, and now I wish I took advantage of it more (they even had special tickets for my school for like… $10). This year’s lineup is also so amazing that I am seriously thinking about saving up to go to Newport this summer. We’ll seeeeee….

You can view the whole list of acts here: